Wednesday 9 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Fire And The Romance - Champagne & Fire

Single review by KevW

Formed last year, it's been in 2014 that New York band Fire And The Romance have really hit the ground running, with a handful of songs reeling in some high praise from the press and their steadily building fanbase, and with a sound like this, their following should grow greatly in the forthcoming months. People rarely pay too much attention to band names these days, but Fire And The Romance seems awfully powerful and poetic, and this is due to the inspiration of Oscar Wilde (frontman Dion Roy wanted a name that his literary hero would approve of); it evokes passion and drama, but, while the band take what they do seriously and are no slouches when it comes to songwriting, their music is a little lighter although it has definite substance and eclecticism.

Pinning a genre on 'Champagne & Fire' isn't easy without resorting to "indie" or perhaps "indie/pop", both of which can describe a very wide variety of sounds and bands. The musicianship here is neat and nicely thought-out; listen closely and the rumbling, shuffling drums appear keen not to simply fall into a generic rock beat. Add a buoyant bassline that has elements of funk (think a lively Talking Heads) and then plenty of attention to detail on the production front and you have something that's not lacking in texture. What you'll really come away with after listening to this song, is a huge pop chorus that will linger in your head and could be coming to a radio near you soon. One comparison would be to the similarly eclectic pop/indie/funk/experimental group Hockey and their radio smash 'Too Fake'. Much like that song, 'Champagne & Fire' is for both casual music fans and those whose passion lies in the sounds they absorb; it's for fans of each of the broad genres mentioned and more besides. With talent and potential like this, it might not be long before Fire And The Romance do get those champagne corks popping.

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Jul 11 Fontanas, New York, NY
Jul 25 Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ

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