Wednesday 30 July 2014

Band To Check Out: Makaras Pen

Article by KevW

We sometimes think we're up to speed with what's happening in the world of shoegaze and dreampop, but such is the growth in popularity of music of this variety in recent years that such a feat would be almost impossible. It's not just keeping up with all the newcomers that's the challenge either; we regularly hear about quality bands who've been in operation for several years but have yet to grace our humble web space. So we should finally say hello to New York band Makaras Pen, a group who've been together for a while and have three albums to their name. It just goes to show that however hard you look, there are always splendid bands just waiting to be found.

Boasting a sound that ties in very nicely with what was happening in the UK indie scene of the late '80s and early '90s, Makaras Pen give the effects pedals a good airing on songs like 'Mountain View' which recalls the more shoegaze-oriented bands of the time, but they concentrate firmly on writing songs, so it's not all about the atmospherics. Take 'Interventionist' for example, this is a pristine jangle-pop song that also piles on some ambiance so that it's less fey than some others who've plunged into similar musical waters. The heavier undertones emphasise this further. How they've evaded us for so long we don't know, but they're not the first. The good news is that we have a rather fetching back-catalogue to catch up on.

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