Friday 25 July 2014

PREMIERE: Escapists - Only Bodies + Album Preview

Article by KevW

The release of your debut album is often crunch time for a band; the moment when we start to learn whether they've lived up to any hype they've had or produced the goods that earlier tracks may have promised. Things started well, and with the release of 'Breaking It Up' at the start of the year we said ourselves that London guitar band Escapists could well have what it takes to become big. With 'Only Bodies' released next week, it's not only a pleasure to be able to bring you the premiere of the album's title-track, but also to report that expectations have been lived up to. The band say that the song is a very collaborative effort, and this shows in the way that it all gels so tightly. Lyrically the song talks of the strange rituals that people partake in, often without even realising why. This is experimental indie with a driving rhythm section and a chorus that smoothly glides by as if it has the wind in its sails.

As well as the aforementioned 'Breaking It Up', singles 'Blood' and 'Eyes' show a neat diversity, the kind that can make or break a band. Having a clutch of songs that are all the same make and model may work well over the course of an EP or in some cases an album, but for longevity more is needed. 'Eyes' is a nice contrast to 'Only Bodies', slower and more emotive, it's one of those tracks that creeps up on you, leaving you pleasantly surprised by just how much thought and feeling can be encapsulated in a piece of music. Towards the other end of the spectrum, 'Blood' fires up the guitars a bit more and teeters on the brink of indie-rock and pop; there's a catchiness to this one that lends itself well to radio play and more instant gratification. The harder chorus adds a more dynamic touch. Frontman Simon states that the band wanted to make a diverse record, and this they've done. What's more, when you allow these songs to sink in and fully ingrain themselves into your psyche then the lyrics, which talk of life and death, spirituality and science, and the relationship between the head and the body amongst other things, should provide plenty of food for thought. A good job well done.

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