Thursday 31 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! Goat - Hide From The Sun

Single review by KevW

With the big psych surge from down under, as well as the UK and Danish scenes which are in rude health, it's been easy to let Swedish band Goat slip from your memory, despite their 2012 debut album 'World Music' receiving the kind of acclaim that's usually reserved for any occasion that Usian Bolt sets foot inside an athletics stadium. They were heroes, they were the next force to be reckoned with in the psychedelic movement. But then it went a bit quiet. Quite why isn't clear, because a gap of two years between albums is hardly rare, but still, they'll be looking to reclaim their crowns in September with second album 'Commune'.

As well as giving sound advice for those worried about skin cancer, 'Hide From The Sun' is a gloriously off-kilter song that plunders a treasure trove of lost '60s 45s and picks out the best bits. The guitar melody that mirrors the warped and faraway vocals, a rolling, rampaging drumbeat, breaks for a neat garage riff and then cranking up the noise ratio so that those guitars give off a bit more power. If this song was visual then it would be a heat haze shimmering its way off a hot desert road, seen through coloured shades and probably after narcotics have been consumed. Expect press excitement to recommence shortly.

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