Wednesday 16 July 2014

The Raveonettes - Sisters

Single review by KevW

On average, mighty Danish fuzz masters The Raveonettes have released an album every two years for over a decade, and these have been interspersed with several EPs, not to mention Sune Rose Wagner's solo records and production work which includes making the last couple of Dum Dum Girls records sound amazing. The last we heard from the duo was 2012 LP 'Ovservator', so we've reached that time where fans should begin expecting announcements any time soon. There was a whisper on their social media sites earlier this year that new material may be on its way, and true to form they've delivered, with new single 'Sisters' landing as a free download this week.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that 'Sisters' lists itself as being taken from the album 'Pe'ahi' which on closer inspection appears set for release on July 21st. Unless we've missed the press release, this comes as a bit of a surprise. So fans can rejoice in the fact that it's not just one new song, there are a further nine just days away. So what about 'Sisters' itself? Well, it has the usual traits of the band: lots of noisy guitar, the fingerprints of '50s and early '60s pop and rock 'n' roll, plus breaks for glistening melodic sections. What's of most note is just how good this track is. It's been said that The Raveonettes' songs often sound similar, and this is true to a point, but here they've added a few extra dimensions which mean that even though the hallmarks are all in place, this tune really soars in places, whereas in others it roars with the fire of blistering guitar; all of which is beautifully offset by those mellow, almost musicbox-like moments, plus their trademark boy/girl harmonies. To say it's good to have them back is an understatement: they return with a vengeance.

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