Monday 28 July 2014

The Away Days - Your Colour

Single review by KevW

I was having a discussion a couple of weeks ago with some fellow music nerds enthusiasts and we were talking about whether or not the protest song is dead - or if not dead, then at least less prominent. You could argue either side until you're blue in the face, but one fact remains, and that's that there are less protest songs enjoying commercial success than there have been in the past. Delving into the reasons for this opens up a whole different can of worms, so we'll leave that for another time. Turkey has seen its fair share of problems recently, not least some vicious riots, and it's Istanbul that The Away Days call home, so their songs are often based on the volatile situation their country has found itself in. Being situated in the mid-point between the current crisis in Ukraine and the ongoing battles in the Middle East can only add fuel to the fire.

You may not notice that their music has such a political slant or is informed by the ongoing troubles, as singles like 'Your Colour' are bright and breezy, Americana-infused shoegaze filtered through the shimmering haze of sunkissed psychedelia. Vocals aren't angry, they're more heavenly and velveteen than that, especially the backing, plus, the guitar rings and chimes like all the best bands who also dabble in associated genres. Perhaps this form of dreamy indie acts as a form of escapism, or at least does so musically. Their country's problems may have been overshadowed by events elsewhere for the time being, but songs with a sound as heavenly and lush as this should get maximum exposure. Given the industry's preference for making a quick buck this is perhaps unlikely, but they're already becoming stars in our eyes.

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