Wednesday 30 July 2014

Obligatory Record Of The Day! The Underground Youth - Heart On A Chain

Single review by KevW

The Sound Of Confusion has been around in one form or another for seven years, and in that time there's been one constant sound that has remained popular with us and with our readers/listeners: melody over noise. The sound of tunes that could be borrowed from '60s girl groups combined with the psychedelic distortion of guitars. So pick your favourite fuzz merchants. The Jesus & Mary Chain? Glasvegas? The Raveonettes? Crocodiles? Or how about Manchester's wonderful The Underground Youth? A group who've been going several years themselves, but have somehow missed our radar, so it's brilliant to be able to rectify that.

Their latest album 'Sadovaya' is streaming now and single 'Heart On A Chain' ticks all the right boxes. Warped harmonies, a slightly sleazy version of a Phil Spector song, guitars that hum and are lazily strummed, and a psychedelic edge to give that shimmering vibe that often defines such bands. The simple solo fits neatly too. If you want some twisted anthems that will add a strange darkness to the summer sun, you might just find them here. 'Heart On A Chain' defines a lot of what we've been about, and it's a pleasure to finally be introduced to such a great band.

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