Sunday 15 December 2013

Zoo Zero - Zoo Zero

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It's summer in Australia right now - during winter I find discovering new music a more intense experience as you sit on top of a heater and absorb music intently through headphones, like a good book. As the weather warms up I tend to turn up the biggest stereo in the house and potter around doing everything and nothing as snippets of sound pulsate around the space and change volume with the variations on an afternoon breeze through an open window.

You need to choose music you can dip in and out of, that doesn't adhere to typical song structure and momentum. Zoo Zero are great for this - described as "avant-garde rock", they are as short and sharp as they are dreamy and melancholy. Their many moods are captured well by the first track 'Fraktion'. 'Moon Communique' loves the effects pedals - but it thankfully doesn't detract from great harmonies. 'Show Me Your Flag' is a menacing drum beat welcoming you to a party that favours the dirty feedback of an extensive Sonic Youth collection.

Stationed would be a live stand-out, reminding me in energy of Melbourne band Total Control while 'Dnalsi' (presumably island spelled backwards) is a beautifully haunting soundbite I'm glad they kept in. Last track 'Spinning Pretty' brings you back full circle, injecting more indie pop goodness, ending in a nineties fuzz. This is an album of great contradictions - accomplished yet raw, atmospheric yet tight. Definitely on my summer playlist.

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