Tuesday 17 December 2013

Glimpse Trio - Holiday

Single review by ethan@thesoundofconfusion.com

Hailing from San Leandro, California (San Francisco Bay area), Glimpse Trio is, as the name suggests, a trio; It''s west coast pop-rock. The song 'Holiday' is essentially one repeated chorus and a lot of guitar riffing. Since it is essentially one chorus over and over, it's very wisely only two minutes. The video is a black and white, grainy picture and is supposed to look like someone taking a home video of the 1970s or something.

The song is off their upcoming album, the third they've released. It's a cute, silly video about going home for the holidays and having a crappy time. The singer runs around grinning, holding various guitars and singing to babies and cats and old ladies. It's like a surfy guitar driven Christmas jingle, and like all holiday songs, it's catchy and just a little bit annoying at the same time.

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