Friday 6 December 2013

God Damn - In Heaven

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Sometimes you just want it obnoxiously, gigantor heavy. Like wading through primordial sludge in a Hawaiian shirt as Kat Von D tattoos James Hetfield's goatee on your arse. You don't have to be pissed off, you don't have to be an angry pubescent boy who thinks that every shag he is going to have is going to be like that one he's just seen for the 1000th time, sometimes you just want it to be HEAVY and preferably loud as fuck.

God Damn give you this. Completely. And it's a cover from one of the most disturbing films I can remember, (outside of recently having to watch 'Nativity 2'), 'Erserhead'. You know that point where one of your favourite bands has reformed, and they are daring you, and you are daring them back, to throw off the 'mature' artist mantle and just blast your eyebrows off with the riff that you used to break your neck to? (Soundgarden, RATM, Sabbath) Well fuck them, for 'In Heaven' pulverises you into brutal, bloodied, beautiful, mind-destroying submission. Then when it is all done, and you are putting your eyeball back in your socket, and soothing the bile in your blood, you realise that you want to do it again, and press play again on 'In Heaven'. Only this time it is gonna be so loud that it will scorch the clothes off your neighbour while she is watching 'Emmerdale', then you are gonna go round and... (see 'Teenage Fantasy').

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FRI 20 DEC Flapper and Firkin, Birmingham, UK
THU 16 JAN The Cookie Jar, Leicester, UK
THU 23 JAN Gullivers Bar, Manchester, UK
FRI 24 JAN Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
THU 30 JAN Thekla, Bristol, UK
THU 06 FEB Birthdays, London, UK
THU 13 FEB The Cockpit 3, Leeds, UK

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