Thursday 5 December 2013

Nugent & Belle- Doves

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It's bloody grey today, with a drizzle that seeps cold into your core. Even the dog is curled up in refusal to go out, then my world is filled with 'Doves' from Nugent & Belle, and I am warm, filled with a rush of sunshine and blue skies. I am even tempted to try to put the headphones on the dog, (I give her a chew instead). Nugent& Belle have a pedigree that is pretty strong, and while this song first dropped in March of this year, it still sounds wonderfully fresh and vibrant, like a hit of sunshine being poured into you.

It steps into view with a quick "one, two, three, four" count and then delivers one of the most infectiously bright acoustics of the year, backed with an irresistible shuffling beat, and then there are those voices. Deliciousness, interchangeable, weaving around each other in perfect harmony, in a way that is life affirming. There is a Celtic edge at times, but this isn't the androgynous pop-folk of the Corrs, there is purity and clarity, all imbibed with a sense of charm and freedom that will have you dancing barefoot in the long grass. All the while were are hearing of being "alive in an instant" and urged to "open wide it will happen to you". To repeat what Nugent & Belle perfectly describe, 'Doves' makes you "alive in an instant". No longer does my day seem so cold and grey, time to try the headphones on the dog.

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