Sunday 29 December 2013

The Brooklyn What - Hot Wine

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The Brooklyn What are all NYC natives, most have been friends since high school and have been hard at work on their band for quite a few years already. They have had other albums, but 'Hot Wine' is their first real serious studio effort and it's all their best material. The title-track 'Hot Wine' was written by their late guitarist. They are influenced by bands like The Replacements, E Street Band, The Clash, and The Stones, as well as indie-rockers like Dinosaur Jr and Guided By Voices.

They did the record at Continental Studios in Long Island City, Queens, which has been doing records for a lot of the more interesting bands in NYC. 'Hot Wine' is a very complete, cohesive record which explores sound while simultaneously revisiting classic rock n' roll tones and subject matter. It captures genuine emotionality, while to some degree making a study of what can be done musically in a classic five-piece rock band formation.

There's something friendly and wholesome about the band; they are welcoming, down-to-earth guys who just want to have a good time. They're not worried about dressing like rock stars or posturing, they just want to make good records. 'Hot Wine' has a mash-up of punk and indie-rock and soul, delivered by a driven and passionate frontman and backed by talented, thoughtful musicians. The BK What have an EP coming out soon that they are doing at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen.

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Dec 29 KungFu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA  
Jan 03 The Gutter, Brooklyn, NY

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