Friday 13 December 2013

Velvet Morning - Paranoia

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As you know, the word "psychedelia" can describe many styles of music, but one consistent factor over the past couple of years has been the fact that bands creating various forms of the genre have been in the ascendency. Pond and Tame Impala are always in contention for album of the year awards, and new bands such as Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs and Temples have been amongst the most hyped newcomers. There are countless others, but while the albums gain praise, little impact is being made into the singles market. Could 2014 be the year that psychedelia finally knocks the door open? There's a definite groundswell of bands getting noticed, and the success of events like the Liverpool Psych Fest is testament to that. One new name to add to your radar is Southend's Velvet Morning who will be putting out their first EP in February. The first cut from it is the brooding 'Paranoia'.

The band name is almost certainly taken from Nancy & Lee's classic 'Some Velvet Morning', a track that mixed easy listening, psychedelia, country and pop to dazzling effect. 'Paranoia' doesn't especially compare in sound, and it's unlikely to crack the top 40. This isn't a radio song or a pop hit, but boy is it good. Settling into a slow and steady groove, this laid-back jam is manufactured from different guitar parts welded together and vocals that drift through the song as though they're entwined in its hypnotic trance. This track is all about the atmosphere and the rhythm, not the hooks and melody; we're talking closer to deep psych than any sunkissed, west-coast hippy stuff. The song is loose, but not in a sloppy way; musically the timing is perfect, it's just not supposed to be angular and sharp. If they've got more of these waiting in the wings then we could be looking at the next hype stars, and justifiable ones at that.

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