Saturday 14 December 2013

Vapour Night - Vapour Night

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Vapour Night is the solo project of Ali Murray; dreamy, melodic, often symphonic shoegazing, stuff. All the recording is bedroom and the production quality is fairly impressive. The record is eight tracks and was self-released in September 2013. It's moody pop music with slow, sad rhythms and echoing reverbed guitar, It's a very neat and polished record. My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary & Chain are the easy comparisons to make, but this lacks the same solid anchor in a rock n' roll sound, although at points there are certainly loud, distorted guitars.

Some of the songs are really dance tunes with electronic beats and synths and doped up vocals. There's some strange, intense sort of noise stuff that intermittently appears, which adds a sort of tense, trippy element. The lyrics are sad and personal; full of regret. It is the sort of sound one might make if they were trapped on a small island for months at a time while it snowed endlessly, in this case specifically the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

As Ali posts on his Facebook page: “We're in the depths of winter here on the Isle of Lewis. Lots of gloomy rain and wind and snow and power cuts and general misery. I haven't seen the sun for weeks (literally, not metaphorically).” The final track (there are eight) is called 'Cruel Weather'. There are a lot of pictures of greyness and cold on the Facebook, a sort of visual aid for the record. Ali did absolutely everything himself, except the mastering.

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