Wednesday 18 December 2013

Hills - Master Sleeps

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OK fellow Confusion readers, I have something a little special for you to sink your ears into this week! A band I've been looking forward to seeing live all year finally came to Malmö to a monstrous eruption late last week at the Sing Sång, which for many of you who don't know is an industrially hidden warehouse that holds all the characteristics needed for refreshing Swedish cosmic, psychedelic trance band Hills, and also Chilean krautrock band Föllakzoid, to grace our minds into expansive cosmic spiralling hell. Hills are band spawned from Göteborg, a place which is currently bursting with energy and new creative sounds right now. So like their forefather, Hills take obvious inspiration from Swedish bands like Träd Gräs och Stenar, Pärson Sound and International Harvester who before them dominated the '60s and '70s experimental psych scene of Europe along with the likes of German kraut monsters Can and Amon Duul.

You also may or may not know this, but Hills are arguably responsible for introducing the UK to another Swedish collective earlier this year, Goat. Goat have had a fabulous year with their debut 'World Music'. So even though Hills' 'Master Sleeps' is a re-issue which Rocket Recordings has managed to get hold of and gives the band a firm platform to grow on a lukewarm audience on the world's stage. While listening to this album over the last weeks, it has brought me to feel utterly wanting more of their infectious desire to grind out a groove, or to bring you almost to the verge of peace and tranquillity. Even after the trembling 'Bring Me Sand' it's the calm and lucid way in which 'Claras Vaggvisa' uses dynamics to bring out pure equilibrium. Look out 2014! The Hills are alive with the sound of music.

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