Monday 30 December 2013

Law$uits - Future Failure

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Law$uits has big guitars, is always heavy and at times discordant. I would describe the vocals as talk-yelling. Bassist Fred Marras says “we're really into stuff like The Jesus Lizard, Melvins, or The Cows. We're not really attempting to sound like any of them but we really respect their approach to making music: aggressive but also smart.” On their Facebook page the listed genre is “fuck you wave”. That all sounds right to me. They just released a full-length album, 'Future Failure' on December 26th.

It’s an angry, resentful, distraught kind of record. I guess you'd have to compare Law$uits to certain early alt-rockers and noise-rock acts of the eighties, but there are elements of hardcore and metal. What's more is their steadfast devotion to strangeness. This record's not really based on traditional rock melodies; it's more exploratory and complex. It is throughout, a bunch of songs with heavy grooves. The bass is very prominent and sinister sounding, really the sound is focused on grooves and lead guitar work. The guitar work on this record is far from standard run-of-the-mill, heavy-sounding stuff; lead guitarist James Browning really is an exceptional axe man.

'Saloon' starts as a slow, evil cowboy riff that becomes fast and wild and then seems to swoon into an ending. 'Pony Baloney' is catchy in a strange, very un-pop way of being catchy; a guitar riff driven song towards the end of the record with an incredibly tense rhythm section. But this record is not about singles, it's a cohesive record with a lot of thought to song order and the flow of one track into the next. The band knows its sounds extremely well and it's recorded just right for the style.

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Jan 18th at Cake Shop
Feb 18th at Death By Audio

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