Wednesday 18 December 2013

PREMIÈRE - The Night Jars - Native

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Londoners The Night Jars have come on leaps and bounds in the six months or so that they've been together. Their first single in the summer was good, but as evidenced by the awesome 'Maya' which was the first track unveiled from their new EP 'Daka', they're easily making the transition from likeable also-rans to a genuine force to be reckoned with. In not much time at all, the five-piece seem to have perfected the sound they want (or at least what they want for the time being, they may have even bigger plans for the future) and are dishing up a storming Christmas feast for us with this three-track EP. There's still another song to arrive before the year comes to an end, and we feel very privileged that they've allowed us to share these recordings with the world first.

If 'Maya' was a dark, rollicking, urgent cry, then 'Native' puts its foot to the floor even more, delivering the kind of noise that you'd get from being trapped in a wind-tunnel with your favourite post-punk band who are giving a desperate performance as if they know it will be their final statement to the world.. The Night Jars generate the kind of power that most don't come close to, and they do this without any stadium-rock histrionics or other contrived and unsavoury techniques; they achieve these results by looking to garage-rock, surf, post-punk, goth and more, and working as an ultra-tight unit. It's as though they've been playing together for decades yet have never lost their drive and passion. 'Native' is another big song, one that slaps you round the face, pours a bucket of iced water over your head, nicks your girlfriend and then steals away into the night before you've had the chance to comprehend what's just happened. A thrilling ride.

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