Saturday 7 December 2013

Flying Horse - Elvis '73

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Now that's better. Without knowing I've been waiting for a song like this to drop for so long now. Dance music has been EDM'd up in the last twelve months, and while it has finally taking hold of the U.S., and Daft Punk have delighted the world with disco, it seems to have come at a comprise; the beats and the rhythms, they work on paper, and they work at ear-bleeding club levels while enhanced by the latest version of plant food or photocopier powder. But when you're at home, in the car, walking the dog, you want those beats to infect you, to consume you and lift you to a higher plane, while subconsciously dancing your ass off in front of the checkout girl. There have been a few notable exceptions to this (mainly French acts such as Justice and Shoes. Check out 'Time to Dance' extended version). Now we can be in love in every way, from the club to your private place, with Flying Horse and there newest release 'Elvis '73'.

Of course it samples and drops the ultimate line, "Elvis has left the building", perfectly. That's just one part of this utterly infectious track. The beats are sublime yet big enough to consume you, then it drops into the sweetest break which takes it all down before effortlessly building and building and then breaking out and taking you up to that higher plane. There are wickedly good touches of Chemicals and Underworld, but Flying Horse with 'Elvis '73' are just that: flying, and have landed us with one of the best dance songs to fill your headphones and soul this year.

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