Wednesday 11 December 2013

Band To Check Out: What Moon Things

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Quiet and eerie to loud and angry '90s style heavy alt rock… they have a great lead guitarist with an impressive command of tone. He can really shred but he doesn't do anything pointlessly showy. They are a three piece, the drummer sings some of the songs as well. There are moments that remind me of Fugazi and there are elements of Modest Mouse and Pavement and other '90s indie-rock giants, but these guys are way heavier and more masculine. There is something a little more dangerous and ominous about their sound. They are Jake on guitar and vocals, John on drums and vocals and Chris on bass. They have no last names. They were very heavy live, but also very controlled and tight. There is a lot of focus on rhythm; I would say they are a riff and rhythm band rather than the sort of band that is centred on songwriting and lyricism. The vocals are sort of un self-conscious and masculine, and rather unrefined, though totally fitting.

It says on their Facebook page that they don’t listen to music, which is of course ridiculous. Good use of distortion, not overdone; guitar still sounds like a guitar. They are still really young, in college, so I imagine they will get even better, but their live show was really quite captivating. The guitarist has hair like the guy in Melvins so that's cool. I saw them in a basement show orchestrated by The Brooklyn What. What Moon Things come from upstate New York. They are starting to tour and they are headed down south to Georgia and NC soon. There is no album yet but I'm sure there will be and I'll bet it will be good.

What Moon Things' website

Catch them live:

Dec 17th at The Trash Bar, Williamsburg BK
Jan 2nd at Pianos, LES Manhattan

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