Sunday 22 December 2013

Cassels - Seasick

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Given the adverse weather conditions that are forecast for the coming days, anyone who sets out to sea and wasn't born with a functioning pair of sea legs may well expect to feel a little queasy. This shouldn't be too much of a problem for Cassels though. Consisting of brothers Loz and Jim Beck, they currently call London home but originate from a little further inland at Chipping Norton. So any voyage home for the festive season is likely to involve motorways rather than shipping lanes. 'Seasick' is the debut single from the duo and is a fine introduction, and one that takes in many forms of alternative rock music without ever quite nailing its colours to the mast of any specific branch.

It's perhaps for this reason that they choose to describe themselves as "punk/indie/grunge/rock", which is pretty darn accurate. Growing up together means they've been making music together for some time, with various other people coming and going, before they finally decided that it worked best with just the pair of them. We can't argue, as 'Seasick' is a hugely likeable track, and one that isn't done justice by placing any of the above labels on it. Yes, it contains a bit of each, but it's better than that would suggest. They make a noise for sure, but they also have plenty of melody and their use of different dynamics is very impressive. If you're not particularly a rocker then it doesn't matter; the song is strong enough and never gets aimlessly heavy (or especially heavy at all), favouring a well-constructed, fuzzy, '90s alt-rock sound with just that extra bit of grit to separate them from the pack. It'll be well worth keeping an eye on these guys.

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