Saturday 14 December 2013

Mutado Pintado - Tick

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This is the first track we've heard from Mutado Pintado for around six months, and it brings to a close a year where guitar music has begun to get innovative again, with this Londoner being one of the shining lights. Whereas previous single 'Blue' was a punchier psych track with a heck of a groove, here he shows that he's no one-trick pony, not that we thought that was the case anyway. If you want a taste of some other interesting sounds and to learn a little about his interesting back-story then we'll direct you back to this article from last year.

So what does 'Tick' offer us? Well, there's a more menacing undercurrent at play here, thanks to the buzzing bass that anchors the song. It's deeper sounding than some of his work and despite the slower tempo this still has an undeniable groove to it, something which seems ingrained in Mutado Pintado; it's a natural rhythm and soul that is being used to craft guitar-based songs that don't fit in with any particular scene and leave the door open for ventures into different realms of the music world. Not only does this offer itself to a wider audience, it also lends itself to remixes, and the single, out on December 30th, comes backed by a pair of different versions thanks to Medicine 8 and Save. Expect wider publicity before too long.

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