Saturday 21 December 2013

Then Comes Silence - Fingers

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Music and animation go back a long way, from fictional cartoon band The Archies to A-ha becoming drawings in the video to 'Take On Me'. More recently we've seen My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way publish a series of comic books. Which is great if you like dodgy emo bands and literature that you really should have grown out of by now. Swedish post-punk/fuzz-rock/psych group Then Comes Silence make a much better noise, and their idea of hand-drawn visuals is also an improvement. The creepy video to new single 'Fingers' keeps things dark, showing devil's heads, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, vomiting zombies, nineteenth century shoot-outs and other unholy sights; but the big point here is that it never falls into the trap of being related in any way to comic book imagery and emo visuals. Instead it's a quick-fire set of clips (including a frantically clapping monkey) that compliments the high-octane scree of the song.

'Fingers' doesn't hold back, but then nor does much from Then Comes Silence, a band whose latest album, 'II', often careers along a breakneck speed but always remains firmly on the correct side of the line when it comes to taste. This brief two-minute blast of squalling guitars, whispered vocals and a thundering rhythm section encapsulates the spirit of the original post-punk and goth movement, as well as modern day noise-rock champions such as A Place To Bury Strangers and Ceremony. It's a short, sharp shock and either the perfect cure for a hangover, or the sound that will finally cause your aching head to totally succumb and cave in. The best part is that it's all done without ever venturing into tiresome metal or cheesy punk. This is a pure rock n' roll slap around the face, and one you'll love.

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