Wednesday 11 December 2013

Colour Of Bone - Ashtrays For Earrings

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It's been a steady and consistent rise for exciting new UK prospect Colour Of Bone. After our initial discovery of the project last summer, there's been a stream of singles that vary in style from the stunningly beautiful guitar lament of 'Keep It That Way' to the harsher, melodic noise-pop of 'Itch'; picking a plan and sticking to it doesn't appear to be in Colour Of Bone's plan, and that's a huge bonus in an industry where finding a winning formula and sticking rigidly to it is all too common and more often than not yields diminishing returns. The rate that these singles are arriving is also impressive, with no signs of a lack of ideas, and with each being different from the last. 'Ashtrays For Earrings' is the fourth single of the year and tees things up nicely for heads to be turned in 2014.

Whether we'll see an album or a continuation of this varied singles approach is largely irrelevant in this instance; because so many bases are covered it probably won't take a large package of songs to reach further afield and attract new ears. The natural diversity alone should be enough to do that, with fans of many different styles almost certain to find something for them. 'Ashtrays For Earrings' takes chiming guitars and slams some big beats on top of them with a soft vocal and sharp production. The song touches upon noise-pop again but it also twinkles with a delicacy that isn't often found in that genre. Along with drops in the beat to allow the voice and guitar to soften the blow on occasion, this one song alone shows what a multi-faceted talent we're dealing with. If that wasn't enough, the song ups the guitars and hurtles into a full-on grungy mid-section just to mix things up further, yet rather than sounding confused, it sounds fresh and exciting. We already anticipating what the next track will sound like.

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