Saturday 28 December 2013

Simian Ghost - A Million Shining Colours

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How can you have a song called 'A Million Shining Colours' and not make it a beautifully sparkling and bright addictive aural delight? Those who've followed the career of Swedish trio Simian Ghost will be well aware that they're at home making a variety of musical styles, from electronic drones to the dreampop they're maybe most associated with. It's the dreamier end of the musical spectrum they take aim at for this new single, and it could fit the description of "dreampop", but there's more to it than that. Sure, this is swoonsome and lovely, but rather than soft pastel shades and ambient soundscapes that some bands within the genre create, the Stockholm trio have other influences they want to play with.

This may be a song with current-sounding production, but at its heart it's classic guitar-pop. There's the jangle of The Byrds, the harmonies of The Beach Boys and the same melodies that have run through generations of sweet songs from The Ronettes to Simon & Garfunkel to more modern types like The Tyde and The See See. The classic cliché would be "sunkissed", and it's one that fits with the same perfection that they've applied to the music. In the depths of winter, Simian Ghost have whipped up the spirit of summer and condensed it into three-and-a-half minutes of glorious technicolour sound, from the shimmering verses, the earworm of a chorus and the timeless wide-eyed wonder of discovering just how blooming brilliant life can be. It beats that new jumper you just got for Christmas for keeping you warm any day.

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