Friday 6 December 2013

Pelotons - Burrows

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Some bands encompass, fit perfectly into a certain time of year. That's not to say that you have to be restricted to listening to um, Van Halen in the summer or Sigur Ros in a bitter winter. Yet the elements around you, the feel of the air, the number of  layers or strength of sun-cream you are wearing, mean the right song can bring a resonance, a synchronicity of you, time and place. And that Pelotons graceful EP 'Burrows' drops now, as the stars come out early, your breath forms minutiae, fleeting, clouds as you walk along, is one of those times when everything has aligned itself just right. We are lead into 'Burrows'' opening song and title-track with a slow release lone guitar, weaving around you, then fall for the swathe of elegant, enthralling and utterly captivating harmonies of Tina Kärkinen and Michael Gale. They may come from different lands, but with the way their voices work together you may feel compelled to believe that there was something higher happening when the two were brought together.

Karkinen and Gale are Pelotons and they need no more. There is an ambient wash fluttering underneath it all, and however sparse this may sound, it feels rich and intoxicating. There is sense of space, grace and stillness in 'Burrows' that wraps around you like the warmest coat. 'On A High Tomorrow' is filled from the start with a lighter, scintillating guitar, yet again those harmonies are simply bewitching. It is a song that ebbs and flows like watching the waves rise and fall on a deserted winter shore. Hidden in it all is a hook that is so subtle and yet enticing, that before you know you have 'On A High...' in your head all day long. As you fall for the stately magic of 'Leave Room' you realise that these three songs are not going to be enough to get you through the winter. It is the most serene of the three here, it cocoons you in with the elegiac sense of grace and warmth that seem to flow through these songs. It has a deeper, later, 4am feel, to wash, take away your cares and allow you to fall into bliss. I just hope that Pelotons don't wait too long to captivate us again.

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