Saturday 28 December 2013

Jakil - Look Like Gold

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If 2014 is to be the year that the guitar-based music press look beyond the D.I.Y. indie and lo-fi bands they've concentrated on for so long now, and the charts are likely to be more welcoming to "bands" as opposed to the generic, synthetic ringtone pop that has saturated the airwaves for several years, then we're going to need some groups who've been within spitting distance of an actual studio and have the tunes to crossover and satisfy the masses who are seeking something a touch more authentic. It's a fine balancing act though; there's a fine line between credible and good indie-rock music and taking things a step too far towards polished dross. Just ask anyone who was a fan of Kings Of Leon's first couple of albums. They may have fallen foul of the perils of horrid stadium sheen, but commercial doesn't have to mean complete compromise in this way.

Perhaps Jakil could be one of the first to make inroads and open up the doorway to more conventional formats again. Single 'Look Like Gold' will divide opinion in some ways: this is simply too nicely produced for your average indie punter, but it's a strong track that takes traditional rock music and stirs a dollop of soul through it to add that bigger sound that's needed, but without going overboard on the pomp and ceremony. Avoiding this pomp may endear them to fans of less mainstream music, and providing songs that don't sound as though they were recorded on a Dictaphone in the cupboard under the stairs should make them more attractive to radio and the record downloading public. The jury's still out on whether they'll manage to keep a foothold in both worlds, but 'Look Like Gold' suggests they have the potential to make the transition. It's a track that should get them some attention, what else they have to come will ultimately decide their fate. Possibility of becoming huge is definitely amongst the options though.

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