Thursday 19 December 2013

First Flush - Lykkeven

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Here is the first glimpse on the blog of three fellas from, Odense, Denmark and the start of what could see them gathering a few favourable reviews in the new year with album to be 'På Tinden'. This will be their follow up to 2011's mini-album 'Happening'. The single 'Lykkeven' is the complete tease offering; lovely crafted pop and a fine simple bassline which I think creates a picture, maybe of sadness or happiness.

The words I don't understand, but would like to think it's about happiness, but even so the song makes good listening for non Danes and Danes alike. It's maybe a more mature sound from First Flush than compared to 'Happening' which is essentially rocking from start to finish. Only we have to wait till next year to find out more from these interesting, football loving, young lads.

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