Monday 30 December 2013

PREMIERE: Half Loon - Reverie

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We all know about the psych revival that is still showing absolutely no signs of waning as we enter the new year, especially as the much-hyped Temples have a hotly-anticipated debut album to spring upon us, but a slightly less studied revival has been taking place alongside this, and the two are often intertwined. This year has seen some bands looking to update the baggy sounds of twenty-odd years ago and this has resulted in notable albums from Sulk and Peace who both have borrowed sounds from that scene. When we first heard Half Loon a couple of months back it was in the form of the wonderfully chilled-out psychedelia of their single 'Swearword', but now they have something even better to share with us.

Now under the wing of RIP Records, the band are due to release their new single 'Reverie' at the start of February and have just unveiled the video on YouTube. With possibly an even stronger psych flavour with organ swirls and other classic effects, they pump the song up with a stronger groove that knocks any notions of a '60s recreation to one side and marks them out as a more modern proposition. Sure, influences from the golden age of the genre run deeply through this track, but so does the determination to carve their own niche in a crowded world - not an easy task but one that they succeed in, and do so with an incredibly strong track. This would have been possibly the most futuristic sound of the first summer of love in 1967, it would have ruled the second summer of love in 1989. We're due another one, and maybe Half Loon are brewing up some more concoctions in the studio to ensure that 2014 is that year.

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