Thursday 26 December 2013

Albums & Tracks Of 2013 - Jay's Lists

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ALBUMS OF THE YEAR (in no particular order):

Bite the Buffalo - Blue Lips

Perhaps the best live band in the country now with an album to back it up. 'Blue Lips' is irresistible and consistently rewarding.

Bite The Buffalo's website

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Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt

It was a long wait but worth it. Maybe their best album for a decade. It just keeps giving, with a clutch of songs that are amongst the best they have ever recorded.

Pearl Jam's website

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The Fauns - Lights

A wondrous journey into sound that is mesmerising and entrancing.

The Fauns' website

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Shawn Smith - Kid Bakersfield

The ridiculously prolific Mr. Smith keeps sneaking out albums for free on his Bandcamp site. 'Kid Bakersfield' is up there with the best of his cannon including 'Brad and Satchel'. And that voice never looses its ability to move and inspire you.

Shawn Smith's website

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Wooden Shijps - Back to Land

One of their most accessible albums, but no less outstanding. There is a lightness and touch of euphoria mixed in here that simply shines through you.

Wooden Shjips' website

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David Bowie - The Next Day

No one knew it was coming. No one knew it was going to be this good. The most welcome return of the year.

David Bowie's website

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Black Joe Lewis - Electric Slave

The sound of your best night out turned up to 11.

Black Joe Lewis' website

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Foals - Holy Fire

Simply stunning. It perfectly encapsulates the now while being an album that you will keep returning to in the years to come.

Foals' website

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Jonathan Wilson - Fanfare

Still wrapped in the dappled light of Laurel Canyon but now with a stronger, less ethereal edge, that gives 'Fanfare' a strength and core that was lost at times on debut 'Gentle Spirit'.

Jonathan Wilson's website

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Civil Protection - Stolen Fire

Dark, intense, at times spellbinding, but never less than enthralling. 'Stolen Fire' is a post-rock monolith that marks Civil Protection as ones to watch rise and rise.

Civil Protection's website

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Steering By Stars - The Cold Embrace

An album that I keep coming back to and revelling in its stature and breathtaking scope. If you are looking for a hit the same as 'Holy Fire' then you have to listen to this.

Steering By Stars' website

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Ned and The Dirt - Giants

An expertly crafted album honed out of the a bedrock so strong that it will have you swaggering, swooning and stomping like Keith Richards on PCP.

Ned And The Dirt's website

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Thousands - Dream Isle

Quietly mesmerising and enchanting. After a couple of plays you will have fallen totally for 'Dream Isle's magical charms.

Thousands' website

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TRACKS OF THE YEAR (in no particular order):

Drenge - Bloodsports

2.33 of blood-soaked riffage and a groove so deep you could hide the Titanic in it.

Drenge's website

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Carousels & Limousines - Alive

Only a demo, yet so good that every time I play it it still sends shivers down my spine. Already the anticipation for the second album is sky high. Hurry up boys!

Carousels & Limousines' website

Download the track by clicking the bottom right of the stream above

Kid Wave - Shelley

The soundtrack to summer. And in the depths of winter it is no less enriching, flooding you with sunlight.

Kid Wave's website

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Girl Band - Second One

One of the most perfectly formed songs of year. Yet they hid it away, and themselves, please come out and play with us very soon...

Girl Band's website

Download the track free from the player above

The Diamond Lights - Secret Hell

The most exquisitely fuzzed-up guitar and the best break to slide over and dance your hairy ass off to in years.

The Diamond Lights' website

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Bright Young People - Liberties

A street walkin' cheetah coated in napalm. Consume its essence and you will get laid.

Bright Young People's website

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Whales in Cubicles - Nowhere Flag

Mesmerising, pounding, beautiful, with one of the videos of the year.

Whales In Cubicles' website

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Affair - To Get

Sublime, beguiling, '80s-tinged masterful electro-pop.

Affair's website

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Foxy Shazam - I Like It

It may not have come out this year. I don't care. A guilty pleasure.... fuck it, just a sheer indulgent ROCK orgiastic pleasure.

Foxy Shazam's website

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Volcano Choir - Bygone

Near aural perfection. Like catching the perfect wave in the warmest waters.

Volcano Choir's website

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Lone Doe - Leon, Leon

Quietly magnificent and full of awe.

Lone Doe's website

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Pharoahe Monch - Stand Your Ground

A blistering, frenetic blast of funkified glory.

Pharoahe Monch's website

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Slim Wray - Bear

Drink up them whiskeys, order shots, dance like a brudda wanting to mate with a mutha... "c'mon girl". Nuff said. Listen loud and listen proud.

Slim Wray's website

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