Saturday 15 September 2012

Five For Free #114

New Hands - Whichever Way You'll Have It

If you cast your mind back to June you'll remember that we featured the excellent second single 'Tulips' from Canadians New Hands. If you liked it, good news! This week they unveiled the follow-up single 'Whichever Way You'll Have It' which will also be free for a while and it another cracking piece of moody but danceable alternative pop. Get it while it's hot.

New Hands' website

Bat For Lashes - Marilyn

Natasha Khan's been causing a bit of a stir recently by posing naked for the front cover of her upcoming new Bat For Lashes album 'The Haunted Man'. Before you all go Googling it, she's is naked, but she's covered by a carefully positioned naked man, so don't get too excited. Anyway, she's giving away 'Marilyn' from the new album for free and it's a wonderful, shimmering piece of modern pop.

Download 'Marilyn' for free by heading here

Bat For Lashes' website

Pre-order the album

Chomp - Fresh Wounds

You're nobody if you haven't got a least one side-project on the go these days. And if you claim it's a "side-project" instead of "your other band" you're committing a faux pas, because as a musician all of your work must have equal merit. So here's the side-project by a couple of guys from Cloud Nothings. They're called Chomp and 'Fresh Wounds' is glorious and melodic lo-fi from album 'Buddha Jabba Momma'.

Chomp's website

Buy the album

Deluka - Stranger Than Fiction

Here's one to blow the cobwebs away. Deluka are a Birmingham (via New York) quartet who will shortly be releasing an EP produced by Dan The Automator. Have a listen to the beat-heavy blockbuster that is free track 'Stranger Than Fiction'. A song that rumbles and quakes and is build for pushing speakers to their limit. If they've got more like this then they'll be going places.

Deluka's website

Snowblink - Unsurfed Waves

Snowblink are based in Toronto and have just put out their new album 'Inner Classics' on the ace Arts & Crafts label. The second single to be released from this second album is 'Unsurfed Waves', a track that gracefully shows off singer Daniela's delightfully soft voice and is generally a warm and cosy tune that will give your ears a big hug.

Snowblink's website

Stream the album in full

Buy the album

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