Tuesday 4 September 2012

Band To Check Out - Do You Feel What I Feel Deer

Article by KevW

Nick Cave seems to be one of those artists whose musical influence spreads far and wide. From various forms of rock, blues and goth, to murder ballads and chamber-pop, and as you may have guessed from the band name (it's apparently derived from a Nick Cave song, although which one escapes me), Do You Feel What I Feel Deer use Cave's influence to inspire their haunting and mysterious brand of modern folk. Based in Brighton and built around the core members of Eleanor Whittle and Rachel Day (along with various helping hands), this influence isn't as direct as you might think. The songs crafted by this pair are written about paintings by Lucianna Whittaker, and it is she who is the Nick Cave obsessive, basing much of her abstract work around the great man's songs.

It's an unusual chain, that's for sure, yet the music that results from it is pure and beguiling. Take the eerie and captivating new single and name-your-price download 'Beat Glorious Heart'. The harmonies are subtle and the addition of strings, horns and what sounds like a harp are equally restrained, augmenting the song rather than burying it. Then there's the subdued beauty of live session track 'Warm The Pot'. So note perfect and mesmerising that it's difficult to believe you're watching it unfold before your eyes. Acoustic/folk music isn't to everyone's taste and the internet has become saturated with the stuff in recent years, but I'd challenge any music fan to listen to Do You Feel What I Feel Deer and not come away feeling more than a little impressed.

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