Friday 7 September 2012

Spider Bags - Papa Was A Shithead/I Wish That I Never Had Fed You

Single review by KevW

Spider Bags are a quartet from North Carolina. From now. But they might as well be a quartet from North London from 1977 on the strength of the sub two-minute blitzkrieg of A-side 'Papa Was A Shithead'. Just listening to them rip through it like a starving Rottweiler savaging a dead cat makes your knees ache as though they've just spent the past hour pogoing away in the devil's own mosh pit, hair dripping with a combination of spit, sweat, puke and cheap snakebite. They make short work of it but it leaves a lasting impression and one that's genuine instead of recreated. These guys have spent several years travelling and gigging spit and sawdust venues across the US in a van. You suspect that it's a fair sonic representation of their lives.

On the flip is a different animal. The delightfully titled 'I Wish That I Never Had Fed You' sounds like a drugged up Elvis tackling the most twisted doo-wop song you will have heard this side of Dirty Beaches. By Spider Bags' standards this is a ballad. Imagine taking Mud, making them go twelve rounds with Mohammed Ali, downing a bottle of whisky each and then appearing on Top Of The Pops to perform 'Lonely This Christmas' with added slide-guitar. That's the sort of vibe we're looking at here and it's spectacularly unadulterated fun where the imperfections are what make it so great. These guys sound like right wrong 'uns to us. If they knock on your door, don't answer it whatever you do.

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