Sunday 16 September 2012

Sleep Party People - Gazing At The Moon

Single review by KevW

Since featuring Danish band Sleep Party People as a 'Band To Check Out' back in May, they've gone on to release an incredibly well received debut album, 'We Were Drifting On A Sad Song'. The songs we featured then were special enough, but there were plenty more magical moments to be found when the full record dropped, one of the highlights being the enchanting 'Gazing At The Moon'. You may have been lucky enough to catch them in the UK recently, although don't fret too much if you didn't, as on the strength of their growing popularity it's unlikely to be the last time they visit our shores. Brian Batz and co. have concocted a unique blend of dreampop that should appeal to anyone who likes US psychedelic pop masters such as Mercury Rev, Grandaddy or The Flaming Lips.

This new single is the sound of wide-eyed amazement at the magnificence of the world and is as uplifting as being strapped to the side of an Apollo rocket. It's a very modern form of sunkissed psychedelia that owes as much to synth botherers like Passion Pit and The Sound Of Arrows as it does to any acid-frazzled 60s records. The rabbit-mask wearing clan may evoke images of Alice In Wonderland with their choice of stage wear, but it's in songs such as this that the real fascination lies. 'Gazing At The Moon' shows boundless imagination and the willingness (and ability) to create otherworldly music that for a few minutes transports you into their bright and colourful land of beguiling fantasy. A real piece of technicolour ear candy.

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