Tuesday 18 September 2012

A Place To Bury Strangers - Leaving Tomorrow

Single review by KevW

Unusually for revered US band A Place To Bury Strangers, current album 'Worship' received fairly mixed reviews. The main hang-up people may have is that they've basically made the same record again; we've heard this all before. Well that may be the case, but newcomers shouldn't be put off, as the New York trio have been, and still are, one of modern shoegaze's noisiest and best groups. To coincide with their current European tour (take ear plugs if you want you brain intact at the end) they've put out new video/single 'Leaving Tomorrow' which, as suggested, doesn't really break from their usual sound very much. This though, is a good thing. Because as far as onslaughts of scuzzy noise-rock go, these guys remain at the forefront, and 'Leaving Tomorrow' is a vicious attack on the senses, something akin to strapping nitrous oxide boosters on to the side of The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Most songs are born in studios with carefully created acoustics. Different kinds of padding and sound absorption methods (even just the good old egg boxes stuck to the walls technique) to ensure that the recording sounds as it should, with no interference. 'Leaving Tomorrow' doesn't sound like the product of such an environment. No, this track sounds as though it was recorded in a steel-plated room with someone testing out a jet engine next door. The vocals are metallic and distant and the fuzz is cold and sharp. This is a aural offensive of considerable clout. Yes they've done this before, but it still sounds great and as an introduction to the band it would seem a suitably blistering example of their work. Plus it's great to hear a bass drum being given such a thorough kicking. Let's hope they've put some spare pedals in their suitcases along with plenty of their barbed-wire sonic nuggets.

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