Monday 3 September 2012

Out This Week - 3rd September 2012

California Wives - Purple

They've been knocking around for a couple of years, as has this song in various forms, but now it's time for California Wives (who, incidentally, are from Chicago) to release their debut album 'Art History' in the US (25th in the UK). Not heard them yet? Then download free track 'Purple' and see if they tickle your fancy. If you like upbeat and melodic indie-rock then they most probably will.

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Fantasmes - Redness Moon

This pair of Puerto Rican psychedelia lovers have been trekking back and forth to New York to put the finishing touches to their record, and now Fantasmes have a finished album to share with the world. 'Redness Moon' is out this week and you can download the title-track for free. It's an insistent and hypnotic piece of mid-paced psych-rock that grows with each listen.

Fantasmes's website

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Poor Moon - Birds

Poor Moon have their eponymous debut album out this week too. The band consist of long-time friends Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott as well as brothers Ian and Peter Murray. The former pair are also members of Fleet Foxes and it shows. 'Birds' is delicate and harmonious and will appeal to anyone who's found themselves intoxicated by the Foxes blend of traditional Americana and widescreen sounds.

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Sauna Youth - PSI Girls

It could be that these Londoners took a little inspiration from Sonic Youth when deciding to call themselves Sauna Youth. Both share a passion for discordant guitars and minimal production. 'PSI Girls' is from their mini-album 'Deamlands' which is out this week and is the sort of lo-fi punk racket that's seen such a resurgence in recent years. This lot seem like the real deal though.

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The Vaccines - Teenage Icon

The Vaccines debut album was great. It didn't kickstart a scene or reinvent rock 'n' roll as people like the NME had claimed, but it was chock-full of stellar guitar-pop songs. However uncool it is to like band who actually sell records and get played on the radio and stuff, the lure of their simple but effective melodic indie-pop was too much to ignore. There was always the suspicion they'd be a one-album wonder though. They'd done that trick, where now? They're hardly experimental. So we were all set for a watered-down version of the debut and then an ignored third effort before they ended up on the scrapheap. The Vaccines had other ideas. They haven't really changed tack, the style is the same, but what they've managed to do is repeat the trick, only this time do it even better. The songs are stronger, harder, more confident and more consistent. One-trick ponies maybe, but it's a hell of a trick and no sign whatsoever of that difficult second album here. 'Come Of Age' is a triumph. Here's new single, the awesome, contagious singalong of 'Teenage Icon'.

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