Thursday 27 September 2012

Redanda - Christian EP

EP review by KevW

Maybe it's the name of their motherland, Canada, that gives Hamilton garage-rock band Redanda their obsession wit the letter 'C', or maybe it's all down luck (or should that be chance?). The quartet - Chris, Curtis, Connor and Corey - are presumably using their real names and they tell us that they named this, their second EP after their friend Christian. So we're assuming last year's debut, 'Carl', was also titled in honour of another friend. And being Canadian, their next one will be called 'Chuck', right? I'm sure they'd prefer it if we concentrated on the tunes (choons? sorry, that's all now) so that's what we'll do. 'Christian' is a belter of an EP that ranges from the fervent, ragged garage of 'Ace-High' to the sumptuous and graceful slow-burn of 'Slow You Down' which dabbles in more cosmic and spacious sounds. If this had been released by The Walkmen the press would be all over it. So they have more than one string to their finely strung bow.

The opening of a lupine howl tricks you into thinking we're dealing with nocturnal, Cramps-style underworld monsters, the half slurred vocals that follow it are suitably cracked to generate an untamed feel and they crash through 'Ace-High' in some style. Then it's on to the warped, countryish 'W.A.Y.T.', a song that would feel at home on a Strange Boys album and shares their lackadaisical vibe. It is the glorious 'Slow You Down' that steals the show though, those drifting guitar twangs and broken, almost pained delivery are a perfect match (if you're into your obscure North American psychedelic alt-rock bands then this is just the sort of inspired sounds The Stevenson Ranch Davidians make). It's packed with feeling and some wonderfully distorted guitar work and is generally all-round impressive. 'Steam Woman' wraps things up suitably by taking all the aforementioned aspects of the band and slamming them together. 'Christian' is an EP that should stand Redanda in good stead and hopefully turn a few heads, and from us at least, it definitely gets three cheers.

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