Monday 17 September 2012

Out This Week - 17th September 2012

Fine Times - Hey Judas

Vancouver duo Fine Times could well be heading for success with songs as big as this. 'Hey Judas' is lifted from their eponymous debut album which is out this week and showcases a grand and ambitious power that could happily fill arenas. Don't dismiss them as the new Killers though, this may be a mini epic but it's carried out with a natural grace.

Fine Times' website

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Woods - Cali In A Cup

Another album to look out for this week is from fellow New Yorkers Woods who release the follow-up to last year's 'Sun & Shade'. Titled 'Bend Beyond', it continues their laid-back Americana-influenced sound and the album's first single is a perfect example. 'Cali In A Cup' draws from Laurel Canyon and 60s west-coast bands, filled with harmonies, harmonica and neatly strummed guitars.

Woods' website

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Casablanca - Natalie

Last month we reviewed the debut single by London quintet Casablanca. It's finally available to buy this week and if you get the whole package instead of just downloading the lead track your money won't be going to waste. B-side 'Natalie' is maybe the better song of the two, like an indie U2 with the annoying bits removed, it's melodic, has a big chorus and lively shuffle that's quite infectious.

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Grizzly Bear - Yet Again

2009 album 'Vekatimest' received the kind of praise normally reserved for events such as the second coming of Christ, so it was always going to be an uphill battle for US alt-rock heroes Grizzly Bear to follow it up, but reports of new album (their fourth) 'Shields' have all been good so far, and this week you can buy it for yourself and find out just how good it is. For now, here's current single 'Yet Again'.

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Thee Oh Sees - Lupine Dominus

We can only assume that black magic is responsible for the extraordinarily prolific output of Californian psych/garage collective Thee Oh Sees. Of course having the equally prolific Ty Segall joining them this year won't have done anything to slow them down. Following two albums last year, they're back again this week with another, 'Putrifiers II'. They mix the sounds a little bit on this one, but our favourite so far has to be the awesome psychedelic rock of 'Lupine Dominus' which should divert attention away from fellow cosmic explorers Pond and Tame Impala who've been ruling the psych roost all year so far.

Thee Oh Sees' website

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