Wednesday 5 September 2012

We Show Up On Radar - The Anchors In Our Heart

Single review by KevW

The very first album to be released on UK independent label Hello Thor will be from nine-piece Nottingham indiepop army We Show Up On Radar. Both band and label have been in existence since around 2008 but this will be the first leap outside of single/EP territory. 'Sadness Defeated' is out next week, and with any profits being split so many ways it had better sell like tickets to Jeremy Clarkson entering the boxing ring with Mike Tyson. Temptation for a purchase will only be enhanced by the choice of this fabulous single to put the album on people's er, radar. It comes flanked by a host of remixes, all of which are worth some stereo time, but it's the quite beautiful original that will really be the clincher for anyone already considering forking out for the full-length.

The brand of indiepop on 'The Anchors In Your Heart' isn't your standard fare (pun intended) and instead of being a twee ditty about being embarrassed in front of the boy you fancy or making mixtapes and dancing to Hefner, We Show Up On Radar avoid all your usual clich├ęs and muster up something that's both elegant, sweet and heartfelt but in no way contrived. It twinkles its way into existence and the vocals are probably as cute as a male vocalist can manage without becoming camp. Plus the harmonies are simply delightful, as is the melody. There's a sentimentality here too and an understanding that as we grow old our innocence and view of life can become tarnished, so it's worth passing our knowledge on before we become cynical old gits. They have a point, and what a song to set it to. Utterly lovely.

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