Saturday 22 September 2012

Tom Williams & The Boat - Little Bit In Me

Single review by KevW

This latest single from Tom Williams & The Boat's second album 'Teenage Blood' is one of the best tracks they've recorded to date. Anti-folk is usually just a tag that's used by folk artists to try and pretend they're not really folk. No one likes labels to be put on their music so an anti label is a great idea! 'Little Bit In Me' is a rare occurrence of the cap fitting perfectly. Trace the ancestors of this song back through the generations and it has evolved from folk music, yet this is a mutation; a warped version of storytelling using the same traditional instruments but pushing their limits until you can no longer categorise it as folk. The imagination has been allowed to run amok on this song, dreaming up oddball tales about family and friends - "my sister was referee, reffing Sunday morning league, south of Sheffield in a park showing yellow cards to rapists and thieves" - is just one part of one character's life.

Just as the subject matter is a wee bit on the strange side and the music a variation of the norm, the video they've to go with it is hardly your average MTV fare. What is it about bands that make them want to wear masks that have beaks? The sketchy, homemade footage is the perfect partner to such a curious song and sees the band larking about in a forest, possibly getting up to dodgy pagan shenanigans. It's an insightful glimpse into their world, whether this world is real or fake (well of course it's fake but still...). Eventually all the different stories of the characters end either successfully or horrifically. "My sister got attacked by an ex-con after a match, so my sister marinated him in lighter fluid and watched his hair catch". At least we hope these stories aren't real...

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