Monday 3 September 2012

Spiders - This Could Be The Last Time EP

EP review by KevW

As far as tenuous musical links go, being taught to play by Alex Turner's dad is up there with the best. Well it worked wonders for that band, and it should also give you a rough idea of the kind of sounds we're dealing with when it comes to Sheffield-based trio Spiders. Yes, they specialise in a very British form of indie-guitar music of the variety mastered by The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, but the days when either of those two bands were culturally significant seem more distant than they actually are. Plus the imitators and bandwagon-jumpers they spawned (too many to list here) were short lived and nowadays are routinely derided as "landfill indie". Spiders have been knocking about for a couple of years and fans will already be familiar with the four tracks that make up this debut EP proper. It's been a steady rise and one that's gone against the grain of dismissing this oft repeated, fairly formulaic guitar music.

So is there anything worth getting excited about? If your talking on a Libertines or Arctic Monkeys level then definitely not, yet Spiders, although neither great nor innovative, are pretty good. Essentially a facsimile of the mid 00s indie scene in style, their tunes are likeable enough to give up a bit of your time for. 'This Could Be The Last Time' has some gusto and shows that they're a tight enough unit. 'Subtle Differences' is indie by numbers, although once the chorus kicks in it does have a certain appeal. 'Ambitions Of A Huckster's Daughter' and 'Where Does This Leave Us Now' are both perfectly acceptable tracks that would have likely gained more exposure ten years ago. They're a decent band, Spiders. But nothing more, and unless trends change or they can come up with a breakthrough hit they're unfortunately destined to be wasted on the public at large. That said, give them a few minutes of ear time by checking the tracks below and those longing for the return of British indie might find a bit of a spark.

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