Sunday 9 September 2012

Andy Burrows - Because I Know That I Can/Company

Single reviews by KevW

It's not uncommon for drummers to step out from behind the kit and into the spotlight. Ringo Star, Phil Collins and Dave Grohl are among those who made the transition to frontman with varying degrees of success. It was more of a surprise though, when the one with the long face out of landfill-indie godfathers Razorlight stood up from his stool to show us what he could do with a guitar and a microphone. Not least because it meant that one of Razorlight was actually any good at something. Since leaving that comical mob, Andy Burrows has enjoyed critical praise as singer-songwriter with pleasant enough indie outfit I Am Arrows and a few equally pleasant solo tracks, not to mention a stint in We Are Scientists. He career trajectory and credibility without question trump those of Mr Borrell, who should be returning with a new line-up of Razorlight soon, initial photos appear to show that they'll be wearing fancy dress.

So is it a sly dig that Burrows' new single 'Because I Know That I Can' is filled with various artists in unusual attire? Probably not, but still, It's most likely a safe bet that this really rather good piece of melodic guitar-pop with be kinder on the ears than the new material his former band muster up. This is a sprightly yet sentimental tune that impresses through not trying to hard, it's low on studio pyrotechnics and all the better for it. We're talking fairly orthodox guitar territory here, but you can't keep a good song down and this one bobs along merrily. For another taster of new album 'Company' (out 22nd Oct) you can grab a free download of the also very sweet title-track. While the bizarre saga of his former frontman goes on, Andy Burrows is quietly carving out a niche as a solo artist some merit for himself.

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