Monday 10 September 2012

Out This Week - 10th September 2012

Seapony - What You Wanted

If you enjoyed 'Prove To Me', the free track we posted from Seattle indiepop band Seapony's second album 'Falling' then you'll be pleased to know that it's in shops this week. Plus, if one high quality album sample wasn't enough for you, you can also download the just as good (if not better!) album track 'What You Wanted' for nothing as well.

Free download: 'What You Wanted'

Seapony's website

Stream the album in full

Buy the album

PEACE - California Daze

It's not uncommon for bands to share names, so to make it clear, last week we posted a track by Canadian band Peace who are very good. But the PEACE that the new music press have been working themselves into a frenzy about are this Birmingham quartet who release their 'Delicious' EP this week. They're right to be excited about them, have a listen to free track 'California Daze', it's ace.

PEACE's website

Buy the album

The Helio Sequence - Hall Of Mirrors

US indie-rock duo The Helio Sequence have been quietly plying their trade for over a decade now and they deserve a bigger noise than is currently being made about them. So let's hope that new album 'Negotiations' (out this week on the ever reliable Sub Pop label) pulls in a few new fans. Spread the word by passing on the excellent free track 'Hall Of Mirrors'.

Free download: 'Hall Of Mirrors'
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The Helio Sequence's website

Stream the album in full

Buy the album

Rubblebucket - (Focus) Oversaturated

Better see what Brooklyn's got for us this week, and one of the picks is the new EP from the ever evolving musical collective Rubblebucket who've been through several line-up changes and enough members for a football team and decent subs bench. New EP 'Oversaturated' is typically lovely experimental indie/electro/pop. Check out '(Focus) Oversaturated'.

Rubblebucket's website

Buy the EP


Io Echo - When The Lillies Die

Somehow we've missed out on L.A duo Io Echo up until this point. Not as easy as it sounds considering that one has been the live bass player in The Big Pink. Their sound takes in similar influences but the end result is high quality fizzing indiepop with a dark side. The superb 'When The Lillies Die' mixes indiepop, shoegaze, electro and punk and ends up sounding like a high-octane version of Stereolab. We think you'll agree that this track is pretty special, but just wait until you've heard it so much that it's embedded in your brain. This one's what's known as a grower, but it's an instant hit at the same time. So pretty much a win-win situation then.

Free download: 'When The Lilies Die'

Io Echo's website

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