Sunday 16 September 2012

Tall Ships - Gallop

Single review by KevW

Falmouth band Tall Ships have had a hectic couple of years on the underground. Firstly they deserve kudos for managing to break out of the very insular and largely ignored Cornish punk/rock scene and getting picked up by national press and radio, plus earning support slots of note with Tubelord, Three Trapped Tigers, Maps & Atlases, Minus The Bear, 65daysofstatic, Los Campasinos and Dry The River. They've obviously been working hard to get to where they are now: on the verge of releasing their debut album. After a couple of singles and EPs, the first tracks from 'Everything Touching' have been unveiled as singles this year. We've been slightly wary of them in the past, with nothing particularly tickling our fancy, however that's all changed with current single 'Gallop'.

It's the second single from the album and increases interest in the band tenfold, marking them out as much more than another flash in the pan group of rockers, playing basic punk with a hint of math-rock to keep them up to date. 'Gallop' proves they have the tunes that mean the hype is justified. You can guess the beat of the song from title, it's like glam rock on uppers and powers along, pedal welded to the floor, with some great harmonies and the kind of meaty alt-rock vibe that's made modern alternative icons out of TV On The Radio and Maps & Atlases. So Tall Ships aren't another alt-rock by numbers band then, and it could be that when 'Everything Touches' finally arrives next month it pulls in some gushing reviews and may even find itself making a few end of year lists.

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