Wednesday 12 September 2012

Band To Check Out: HUSH!

Article by KevW

South-West trio HUSH! (what's with all the bands spelling their names in capital letters lately?) could well be on to something. If you're from anywhere west of Swindon and south of Bristol it can be a nightmare to get noticed outside of your local scene and even harder to break the notoriously cliquey London circuit where all the A& R men, promoters and hipster journalists lurk, waiting to pounce on the first sight of any talent and then over-hype them to high heaven. The area does produce some great music that sadly goes undiscovered, plus it's got some of the best venues and fans going. HUSH! have already played The River Cottage Canteen. We're not sure if that's really cool or hopelessly sad, but we're going for cool, and if Hugh wants a Sound Of Confusion DJ night we'd be more than happy to oblige. In October these three guys will be taking the plunge and heading to the big smoke (Power Lunches, Arts Cafe, London, Hackney. October 4th) to showcase their talents, and probably show up a few of the local bands.

London can expect some brilliantly realised, sparkling indiepop blended with shoegaze. It's not twee, it's not all about effects pedals and it's not about pandering to what the masses want. We've heard one full song and a clip of another and we're already excited. If you like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Being There, and also 80s heroes like The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen then you should fall head-first in love with HUSH!. There's a single planned for release later this autumn but in the mean time they've posted the sublimely wonderful demo 'There's Something In The Stars Tonight' purely for our listening pleasure and to get us HUGELY excited about the prospect of more of the same to come in the future. Maybe that's the riddle of the capitals sorted - HUSH! may only be making a quiet murmur in music circles at the moment, but before long we'll all be shouting their name.

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