Wednesday 26 September 2012

Band Of Skulls - You're Not Pretty But You Got It Goin' On

Single review by KevW

For a couple of years now, Southampton alt-rock outfit Band Of Skulls have teetered on the brink of mainstream success, picking up daytime play on Radio 1, cracking the UK top 20 with their latest album and scraping the lower reaches of charts on both sides of the Atlantic with pretty memorable and fairly impressive singles such as 'I Know What I Am' and 'The Devil Takes Care Of His Own'. A few decent festival slots in the summer, including the main stage at Reading and Leeds won't have done their cause any harm and a December headline gig at Brixton Academy is further proof that they could soon become one of the UK's premier rock bands. Of course with this reasonably substantial amount of success comes a dilemma: keep doing what we're doing or, to put it bluntly, sell-out.

I guess we'll know which path they choose when the next album comes around, but what is clear is that they've got where they are currently on their own terms. New single 'You're Not Pretty But You Got It Goin' On' isn't chart-shaped or stadium-sized, it's more of the slightly sleazy and dirty blues-rock that is becoming their trademark. It comes with a kick and has been compressed in the studio for extra power certainly, but this is merely giving the song optimum impact. Band Of Skulls work fine just as they are and if they continue along the same lines then further success may come their way naturally so there's really no need for them to change a thing, plus the only people who like a sell-out are record company bosses, so let's hope this trio tell them where to stick it and carry on doing what they do best.

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