Tuesday 18 September 2012

Artist To Check Out: Untitled Fruit Company

Article by KevW

We'd love to have known what other names were on the shortlist, but this London solo artist decided he should bestow his music upon us as Untitled Fruit Company, which is either one of the best or one of the worst names we've heard for a while. 'Erebus And Terror' is his second album under this guise, having spent a few years playing in alt-rock bands on the London circuit. He now, somewhat humbly, states that he spends most of his time "faffing around at home with my guitar and sampler making music for video games and just plainly for my own amusement." There are plenty of bedroom music makers out there but what makes Untitled Fruit Company a little different is the diversity of sounds he creates, which range from electronic soundscapes, to indie-rock to experimental noodlings.

After taking two years to put together his debut (last year's 'Volume 1'), 'Erebus And Terror' was produced comparatively quickly, especially considering it's a little better than the bulk of the bedroom created music that bloats the increasingly obese internet music blog world (we're on a diet, so it's only good stuff here, natch). What's also interesting about this project is that genres don't seem to exist. Music is music, whatever shape and size it comes in. The seductively titled 'Arpeggiate Me, Baby' has the feel of cosmic 70s electronica and you see where the video game thing comes in. The slow build of 'Deep Blue Sea' morphs from one genre to another, and 'Shut Your Cakehole!' knows how to create some drama. As anyone who's ever seen me with an electric drill and a screwdriver will attest, DIY isn't always the best way forward, but it seems to be working just fine here.

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