Tuesday 11 September 2012

Moscow Magazine - Moscow Magazine EP

EP review by KevW

The music industry can be a tough one to crack. Careers can be made or broken in an instant, so I suppose it's wise to make sure you've got something to fall back on should your band, sales and credibility come collapsing down around you. Who's come off best best? The one out of D:Ream who's now Professor Brian Cox off the telly, or the one out of East 17 who managed to run himself over? Exeter alt-pop group Moscow Magazine have decided which Brian they'd rather end up like, and their ranks include two former Art Students, a master of Russian Studies and a paleoarchaeologist (that's like an archaeologist who's interesting in things WAY before the Romans started dropping coins and bits of pottery everywhere). So they've, quite literally, done their homework. If we take this EP as a barometer of whether or not they should keep their brains engaged in what they've learnt or plunge themselves into funding their lives from selling records and touring the world, we'd have to say those college days were well spent.

Now let's be clear: this is by no means saying that the music these guys have made is no good, it is good, just not in a similar vein to say, Coldplay closing the world's biggest sporting event or The Rolling Stones stopping the crowds getting bored at half-time in the Superbowl. Moscow Magazine, with their current style, are unlikely to be big, but they will win plenty of fans who prefer their music a touch more subtle, quirky and individual. There are a trio of decent songs here, although commercial appeal will be limited. Like all the best bands you get the impression that's not really the purpose what they're doing anyway. 'Lady In Waiting' is a delightful piano led tune of the variety Kate Bush or Tori Amos may have made (we're unsure about the slap-bass, but at least it's trying something different!). Better is the dainty 'My Angel', where you realise it's the vocals that bring in the Kate Bush comparison, and finally 'True Blue' is another piano-driven semi-acoustic, off-kilter piece of experimental pop. Don't expect Michael Eavis to be on the phone about a headline slot next year, but don't be surprised to see them on one of the smaller stages either, and if you do it'll be worth popping by for a listen.

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