Thursday 6 September 2012

I Am In Love - Palm

Single review by KevW

As has been mentioned dozens of times before, one of the biggest surprise successes of the last couple of years has been Two Door Cinema Club. How did three geeky looking young men from Northern Ireland take the much ridiculed and way past its sell by date genre of landfill indie, mix in a few pop hooks and electronic twitches and go on to conquer the charts and the festivals. All without expensive and extensive publicity campaigns. They crept up on us stealthy and through word-of-mouth have become one of the biggest indie bands in the British Isles. Like them or not it was a triumph of content over style and big bucks. Who's the next in line to achieve a similar feat? If you were abetting man then you wouldn't rule out Leicester quartet I Am In Love who've already caught the ears of one or two of Radio 1's more adventurous DJs.

New single 'Palm' contains similar ingredients to TDCC: they have pop hooks, they mix in electronic beats with a more conventional indie-type sound, you can dance to them, yet they're still alternative enough to be accepted by the less snobbish quarters of the left-field music press and fans. They describe themselves as shoegaze but realistically they're only giving their shoes a passing glance as they look out to the crowd of adoring fans they're hoping to attract. 'Palm' isn't a case of "we just make music we like and if anyone else likes it that's a bonus", this song wants to be liked, they're aiming to be liked and are setting their sights on success. With this single they safely negotiate the minefield too. This is credible, it is good, is has what it needs to grab them a decent following. If they've got more where this came from then I Am In Love could be British indie's next crossover success.

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