Saturday 8 September 2012

Band To Check Out: Deleted Sin

Article by KevW

Although some of the roots of modern electronic music can be traced back to Chicago and Philadelphia, it was really mainland Europe where most of the innovation and experimentation took place. The tradition of producing electronica that doesn't bow down to current trends is still alive and well as we keep discovering. French group Deleted Sin could hardly be considered pioneers, their style is more akin to chillwave without the deliberately lazy production. You could almost label them dreampop, but at least they're not bolting on some speaker-melting bass like half of the western world is now that Skrillax has unfathomably become a megastar by taking UK dubstep and converted it into a hideously Americanised version under the label of EDM or brostep. Thankfully Deleted Sin aren't here to milk the cash cow or try and fill the gap left by Pendulum.

These ghostly sounds are far more appealing and the variation of beats across the handful of singles they've made is refreshingly diverse. Their chosen font would suggest a harder edged doom and gloom form of electro-rock, or maybe a dalliance with witch-house, although neither are strictly true. You can hear the faint influence of witch-house at times and guitars are used, but this is nearer to the blissed-out vibes of jj or Delorean. They're aiming for atmosphere over brute force and this leads to a more digestible and mature experience, but don't confuse that for any kind of clean MOR dance sound or serious agenda. The haunting 'White Lands' shows that they're in possession of a cutting sonic razorblade should they wish to use it. Deleted Sin are another victory for content over style, and long may they continue to be.

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