Thursday 20 September 2012

September Girls - Green Eyed/Danny Wood

Single review by KevW

Ah you can just picture the face of some sleek pop producer going into the studio, being played this single and being told this was the final mastered version. What have they done? The vocals are so distant in the mix that you'd need something fitted with a flux capacitor to go back and retrieve them. The levels on the guitar are all wrong, it just rings and clangs and hurts your ears. The drums and bass overpower everything yet they're so blurred that you can barely make out which is which. What are the lyrics? Are there even any lyrics or just someone making random noises? This isn't how music should sound, there must be some mistake! As we know, people like that are idiots and this messed-up DIY production is just perfect for this pair of scuzzy indiepop tunes.

The sharp, chiming opening of 'Green Eyed' followed by thundering drums set the tone and it barely changes for the rest of the song. A pretty bubblegum melody is entwined in all this and the overriding impression is of Stereolab captured by an old tape recorder and played back with the bass set to 'explode speakers'. The bottom end on this track would give J-Lo a run for her money. Maybe Dublin's September Girls are named after the Big Star song, they share a sense of melody but this reverberating and unkempt sound is too lo-fi for any expectations of a similar vibe. 'Danny Wood' is even more ragged, ticking percussion and organ lead us into more of that piercing guitar before morphing into the type of melodic, homemade sounds that inspired Kurt Cobain (Vaselines, Raincoats etc). Beautiful tinnitus-inducing pop.

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